The Christmas State of Mind:: What’s Yours?

IMG_8325 (1)

I have just a few moments to write this week. I’d love more; but this week is chock full of activities. With all my effort to have a less chaotic Christmas season with more white space, I still find myself very busy.

I did  have some very quiet days last week where we were home and didn’t go out much. I wrote about it here. It was cold and rainy outside and we were warm and cozy inside. Those days made me smile. Just being with my kids and being slow. Actually making dinner and sitting down to eat as a family. No rushing off somewhere to do something.

I look ahead at the days leading up to Christmas and almost each one is full. I’m looking at these days differently than I would have in the past, though. In the past I would have taken a deep breath, ready to plunge in and just survive the hectic. This year I’m going to embrace it.

It doesn’t mean I’m going stop looking for ways to stop and just be. But I am blessed to have family and friends to fill these days with. I can look at the days as busy, just a list of to-do’s to check off and be done with, or as opportunities to make memories. It’s all just a state of mind really.

As my family grows and gets older I’m beginning to see that each season isn’t  less or more busy; it’s just a different kind of busy. It can be crazy; but the crazy can be so great if I just own it. What if I stop thinking of how the chaos interrupts the idea of my perfect day and realize that I am living those perfect days, right now?

Maybe my perfect is just a little nuts.

It’s having kids fill my house with laughter and smiles while frosting cookies.

Was is messy? Yes. Have I been sweeping up sprinkles for 3 days? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes!!

It’s driving to the city to see the Nutcracker with Lulu.

Will it be a long day? Yes.   Is it stressful to drive to the city? Yes (Actually my girlfriend is driving. Yippee!!) Will it be a sweet memory? Yes! It was very special.

It’s hosting movie nights and Christmas Eve with family and friends.

Does having people come over to my house make more work for me? Sure. But the laughter and joy it brings to others is what makes the season joyful.

I’m looking for ways to make these events easier on myself. But the point is, I’m looking forward to it.  While I’m still striving to do less and be more simple during the holidays, I’ll take the quiet moments when they come and savor them. I’ll take the  busy ones and savor those, too.

How about you? How are you embracing the holidays?


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