Our Year In Review:: Good-bye 2015. Hello 2016.

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Doesn’t it seem so odd that with a simple turn of a page we close the book on a whole year and open a brand new page on the next? Just like that. In the space of a second, half a breath, 2015 is done and 2016 has begun.

I love to do a recap of the year before I delve into a new one, thinking of the highlights and milestones for our family. I enjoy reliving those happy moments and honestly try to forget the bad ones. I look back at my resolutions for the past year and vow to do better this next time around. As soon as that calendar flips to January, I’m ready to turn the page in my planner, set new goals and move on. I love to set goals and dream. While I’ve loved looking back and recounting my year in writing this post, I’m just itching to start 2016.

In the midst of prepping for this new year, though, I’ve been struck by the thought that I should do a little more than just recap the year before I hurry on. I was reminded how important it was to not just give 2015 a quick glance over my shoulder; but to thoughtfully stop and consider what I’ve accomplished, how my family has grown, how God has blessed us and what He has taught me. Then, take the time to express my heart of thankfulness to the One who gave me this past year.

In just a few hours 2015 is done, complete, history. What will the next year hold???

(Ha! When I originally wrote this post, I had intended to post it on New Y ear’s Eve. Then I burned two of my fingers really badly on the stove. I’m just now feeling okay to type. Ahh…. life.)

Hope you enjoy our family’s highlights from 2015 and some of my favorite posts from this year.


Our big life change this past year has actually been welcoming a new dog into our lives. Boomer joined our family after Christmas (the 27th) of 2014; but really, January was puppy boot camp for us. It had been 12 years since our first dog, Jackson, was a puppy.


In the midst of training the dog and wondering why I had  been so determined to get a puppy when I basically already had one,  (You know 3 year old boys and 5 month old puppies are pretty much the same, right?) our sweet Lily turned 7.  We threw her a Star Wars birthday because… well, she’s her father’s daughter.


It was during this month that I began to focus on blogging more and get into a blogging groove. This was also the month that I first donned the Princess Leah wig.


We took a family trip to SF to visit the Exploratorium, That was a very fun trip.


My favorite post was And Then She Turned 7.


This month I was so excited and pumped to begin my Great Decluttering of 2015. Sadly, this endeavor was abandoned by March. I think a Great Decluttering of 2016 is just around the corner, though.


Still in the throes of puppy training, it was during this month sometime that we were
able to stop getting up in the middle of the night to let Boomer out.

The Hubs and Lulu had their first official Daddy- Daughter Valentine’s Date at  Chik-fil-A.


My favorite post was Friendship:: And Why I Rarely Ever Mop


Lulu performed, though very nervous, in our Homeschool Co-op’s talent show. It’s a big crowd, around a few hundred people there. She did great!

I let Henry dress me for a week. The Hubs gave me this challenge as kind of as a joke.  I went with it and Little H and I had a blast. I also realized he has a real eye for color.


My favorite post was (Ok, actually two. I couldn’t decide.) 5 Things I Do Every Night Before I Go To Bed and The Week I Let Little H Dress Me 


This month, I turned the age that’s so anti-climatic after your big 40th. 41. Nothing exciting here. We did enjoy Easter and egg hunts.

More exciting than my birthday was decorating for and going to a bridal shower for The Hub’s little sister. She’s like my little sister since I’ve known her since she was 12! We were very excited for the upcoming wedding.

Easter Morning

Easter Morning

Henry and his cousin Landon are just 10 days apart. I love this picture.

Henry and his cousin Landon are just 10 days apart. I love this picture.

My favorite post was Why I Really Homeschool:: The Unfamiliar Path


We took our big trip to Kentucky for a family wedding. Cousin Erin was getting married and she had asked my kiddos to be the ring bearer and flower girl. We had a blast and the wedding was gorgeous. Lulu had her first ride on a motorcycle with her Uncle Eric. We ended the trip with a bang by getting the stomach flu one after another. Fortunately it was after the wedding and we were done before we got on the plane to go home. It was an eventful trip.

May was filled with so much fun – Lily’s last ballet recital, Mother’s Day, and My Dad’s 70th birthday.

I love this picture of my dad and Luly. They are two peas in a pod.

I love this picture of my dad and Lily. They are two peas in a pod.


I have such pretty ladies in my family!

I have such pretty ladies in my family!

The two specials reasons I get to celebrate Mother's Day.

The two specials reasons I get to celebrate Mother’s Day.

We also went to our first Angels game with all four of us (and our good friends).

My Favorite post was When You Are Feeling Stretched Thin and Your Plate Is Too Full



When I looked back at June I can think of just one word. BUSY!

We started the month off with VBX and ended with Little H’s birthday.

Boo turned 4 and was very clear as to what kind of party he wanted, an Octonaut Party.


It was a month of friend’s visiting. One of my very best friend’s, Jamie, (who used to be my teaching BFF as well) came to visit for several weeks. She recently moved to Wisconsin; but her family lives in town. She is my friend who makes me belly laugh. We have so much silly fun together. Our good friends the Writebols, who used to live here, came to visit. Our girls are little kindred spirits, so it was also a special visit for Lulu. We had the best time catching up.


Me, Jamie and Steph


Friends from birth, literally.

This was the year of the Father’s Day bacon bouquet. Thank you, Pinterest! I had a very fun date with The Hubs to a Ben Fold’s concert. We have not been to a concert in…….. well, it had been way too long.


My favorite post was To Mamas of Little Boys:: Don’t Give Up (This is one of my favorites from the whole year.)


July was Family Camp and long afternoons at the pool for swim lessons. Summer at it’s best.

My kids also got be flower girl and ring bearer one more time for their Aunt Claire’s wedding. We gained an awesome Uncle and brother-in-law. This wedding was seriously the most  fun wedding I’ve ever been too. It was the best dance party ever. The Hubs even busted a move or two and that’s saying something.


Don't you just love this picture? Beautiful couple and beautiful wedding.

Don’t you just love this picture? Beautiful couple and beautiful wedding.

My favorite post was Boo Boo Turns 4:: AKA Little H


This month marked some special beginnings: It marked the beginning of our 3rd year as a Homeschooling family. Lily started 2nd grade and Henry started Pre-K. This month also marked the beginning of soccer for Lil and our first venture into organized sports.



Boomer turned one and more importantly, The Hubs and I celebrated 15 years of marriage. How did we get here so fast? It hasn’t seemed to be that long.


The Hubs and I also took an unexpected road trip to Colorado to help my sister move back to Cali. It was a fast but fun trip.

My favorite post was What I Love About Weddings .


We became a true soccer family! We had so much fun going to Saturday games and watching Lulu at her practices. While my husband grew up participating in sports, I did not. I didn’t think I’d like being a “Soccer Mom”; but I did. The Hubs had to constantly remind me to not call it her cute “outfit” but a uniform!



School was is in full swing but it was so hot! And the beach was calling us. So we answered!



Awanas started back up this month. Little H loves going to Cubbies.

Lily became such the Bookworm this month. Her nose has been in a book ever since. I’ve loved seeing her love of reading just sky rocket.

The Hubs, after many years, finally got some new specs. I have two words: Hubba Hubba!


My favorite post was Chasing Wisdom.


AKA: Jen’s favorite month of the year. I, finally and after many years, got new glasses too.


This month marked 2 years that The Hubs has been with his department. He loves his job and the people he works with. Soccer ended and we loved every minute of it. While we were sad to have that end, the month was filled with visits to the Pumpkin Patch, Harvest Parties, and Halloween.


The highlight of this month for me was definitely participating in the 31 Days writing challenge. (It was too hard to pick a favorite for this month.)

You can read all my posts here.

31 Days Button





The month started with The  Hub’s birthday and ended with us cutting down our Christmas tree. In between, we wrote on our Gratitude Pumpkin and took the best family trip to Monterey.  Not only did we visit the aquarium, I discovered something I had been missing all my life….. Bennihana’s.

FullSizeRender (1)

I hosted Thanksgiving at our house with this handsome guy and successfully cooked the largest turkey I’ve ever seen. (Second time I’ve tamed the turkey on my very own!)


The Hubs with his No Shave November Stache.

My favorite post was Monthly Goal Setting:: November


Christmas and Star Wars. Do I need to say anymore? Between Christmas and the new movie coming out, my family was pretty much on cloud nine. We had lot of family visit this month and just had a lot of good times.


With their Aunties


We made some special memories this month like my mom coming over and teaching Lily how to make homemade tortillas and seeing The Nutcracker in San Francisco with my sister.



My favorite post (and most viewed of the year) was To My Husband on the Eve of The Star Wars, The Force Awakens, Premier

There you have it. Thanks for going down memory lane with me. Happy New Year!!!


5 thoughts on “Our Year In Review:: Good-bye 2015. Hello 2016.

  1. Jamie says:

    I love this post! Such a fun way to recap on the year! I love belly laughing with you too!!! March, my friend, we will belly laugh in March!


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