January Goals:: Let’s Start the New Year Right

IMG_8493We are over a week into the New Year already. How did that happen? My new year didn’t start off as planned at all. I was getting ready to jump back into homeschooling the first week of January and start working on my goals when IT happened. I finally caught the nasty head cold the rest of my family had.

Needless to say, school did not go as I intended or anything else for that matter. The Hubs (who was already sick) and I just felt awful. We are just now feeling like our old selves. So, I’m making this coming week my first week of the New Year. I can do that, right?

If you didn’t get a chance to read my post about My Word For This Year, I’d love for you to read it. That word DWELL is setting the tone for my goal making this year.  But let’s see how last month was in the goal setting department. Shall we ?

December Goals::

1.) Books To Read:: I aimed to read a Christmas picture book each day with the kiddos until Christmas. We also tried a new advent book this year,Jesse’s Tree.

Yes, we read a picture book every day until Christmas. This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. We tried the advent book, Jesse Tree and liked it. I might wait a year or two to use it again. It was a little old for my kids. 

2.) My Marriage:: A second try for a date night.

The Hubs and I did have a date night. It was a Christmas shopping date; but we had dinner and we were alone, so it counts!

3.) My House:: Next on my hit list- Decluttering  Henry’s clothes and toys.

Yes to this one, too. It was just in the knick of time as Christmas brought more toys.

4. ) Jen:: I’m attempting to make pajama pants in a cute fox pattern for Lulu.

Why I thought I’d have time to sew, I’m not sure. And seeing as I sew maybe once a year, this wasn’t a very practical idea. So, no, I did not sew the pj pants. I do have some really cute fox fabric that may or may not become pj pants in the future.

5.) Homeschool:: We are only doing school for half the month and my goal is to stick to a routine; but not as academic as I would normally have. I am focusing on our advent activities and a fun Christmas Around the World unit that will focus on history, geography, fun crafts and cooking.

I have to say, this was a wise decision and perfect for the busy season. 

6.) My Family:: Movie nights with popcorn and hot chocolate, quiet afternoons doing crafts, time with family. I am intentionally planning some afternoons and days where we have no plans.

Getting the family up and moving-making exercise a priority.

Yes and No. Yes, to the quieter, slower family time. No to the family exercise. This was due mainly to the fact that it rained- a lot- and it was hard to get out for walks and play time.

7.) Being Intentional:: I’m planning an afternoon visit with friends or maybe a coffee date. I also want to send out two more encouraging notes this month.

Yes, to these goals!

January Goals::

What’s in store for January? Well, my list of goals for this month are quite a bit shorter and this is why. I learned a great lesson from a book I read awhile ago, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine. I was feeling frazzled and over committed and this book helped to give me some proper perspective. In her book, Crystal talks about determining the priorities in your life and challenges you to make a Best Stuff list.

My Best Stuff list should always start with my relationship to God, my marriage, and my family. After that my Best Stuff list may be different depending on what’s going on in my life and what season I’m in. My Best Stuff list may be different come June than what it was for January.

The great thing about this list is that it keeps you focused on what you are trying to accomplish and it helps you say no to opportunities or distractions that are time wasters.  It helps you keep your focus on the people and commitments that need you most.

So, I made my Best Stuff list and that’s Goal Setting Tip #3.

Untitled (6)

Then I did something I’ve never done before, I took my list and circled the top three items. Just three! I’ve decided that these areas are so important to me right now that they need a lot of my attention.

Goal #1 My Health – This is what I’ve neglected the most. Me. I feel the effects and it doesn’t feel good. There is so much to work on here; but I’m going to start with the most blaring deficiency. SLEEP. As in I need way more of it. Going to bed at a reasonable hour and waking up before my kiddos is where I’m headed with this goal.

Goal #2 My Marriage-  I think I’m pretty darn lucky, no blessed, to have The Hubs be my husband. He’s so much fun to be with and easy to love. He loves me so well. But I think I’ve done what a lot of spouses do. When things are easy, we don’t put as much effort into them because they are easy. I don’t want to get lazy in my marriage.

Goal #3 My Family’s Health- Getting us all up and moving more has been a goal for awhile. I haven’t had much success here, so it’s moving up to my top three!

How am I going to meet my goals? Making a plan to meet those goals is just as important as setting them. That’s Goal Setting Tip #4 – coming soon.

So, what’s your Best Stuff list? What are your top three or five  priorities for this month or maybe this season of life that you are in. I’d love to hear.

Any ideas for getting a night owl like me to get to bed on time? I’d love suggestions.




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