When You Want To Read All The Books!

I have a problem. And I need help.

I have about 20 books I want to read. I just ordered these 3 from Amazon. (One is a hand-lettering book, though.)

IMG_8706 (1)

That in itself puts me in a spot because….which one do I read first??

The real problem is that I start a new book and and before I finish it, I’m usually starting another. I can’t read just one book at a time. I have 3 or 4 going at one time, all the time. I have Book ADD!

These are the books I’m currently working on.


Now, when I find a page turner like The Girl on the Train, I can’t put it down until I’m done. I neglect my dishes, my laundry and let the kids watch way too much T.V. while I’m hungrily turning pages. This is also a sickness, I know.

I just love all the books!! If you follow me on Instagram (and you should!) my  hashtags usually include #bookaddict and #booknerd.

So, I’m pulling out the big guns on myself and practicing some tough love. I am banning myself from reading any of these books

IMG_8706 (1)

until these books


are finished.

And I really, really want to read these books.

IMG_8706 (1)

Disclaimer: I read chapter 2 in Jen Hatmaker’s book For The Love because it wast titled “On Turning 40” and it was absolutely hilarious and spot on. It was truth. Every single word. Please read her book and tell me what you think. I love her writing.

If I can hold out and read all my unfinished books before cracking open a new, I might have to buy myself another book as a reward.

Wish me luck.

P.S. Amazon Prime, I love you.



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