March Goals:: Finish The Unfinished


Hello March! Hello days that have made me pine for spring to come! Rain is coming to our parts but we’ve had some really nice days this month. A few times the weather had me tricked into thinking winter was over. I welcome the rain, though. We here in California do NOT want another drought dry summer.

So how did my February Goals go this past month?

Marriage- Our goals were to have a date night (out) and start a couple’s devotional book together.

We did have an amazing Valentine’s date out at a delicious steak house, Starks. (Though, we’ve stopped going on Valentine’s day. Too many people; too busy.) We did pick a book for a couple’s devotional that I think will be really good, Powerful Promises For Every Couple by Jim and Elizabeth George. Once we get a little deeper into the book, I’ll do a review on it.

Family/Health-  This month, I really wanted us to get out into nature more as a family, walk the dog and start getting Lily ready for our Kids on the Run group that will be starting soon.

I did not walk Boomer as much as I had planned; but we definitely got out and started taking family hikes (We have some great places to hike here.) and Lily and I have started our training for the 5K coming up with our running group. The best news this month is that Lily learned to RIDE A BIKE! Now that’s all she does. She spends hours riding up and down our street.

To Read- I wanted to read, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats and The Fringe Hours. I wanted to finish Money Making Mom.

Yes, to The Art of Hearing Heartbeats. No, to everything else.

Home- Decluttering the garage.

We’ve made really good progress here. We have a little more decluttering to do.

Jen-  This month I was DETERMINED to get to bed early, get at least 7 hours of sleep and get up earlier than my kids.

I’m still struggling with getting up before my kids. But…..I went to bed much earlier than I was (most nights) and I have been getting at least 7 hours of sleep (most nights). I think that once I started getting more sleep, my body relaxed. I’ve been so very tired at night and I really struggle to stay awake. This is a good thing. I think my body is definitely in sleep catch-up mode right now.

So how is March looking?

Well, it hit me this month that I have a lot of “unfinished” things laying about the house. Unfinished projects, unfinished  books, and not to mention the unfinished baskets of laundry!!

So, I think before I set any new goals, I need to finish the old ones.

Marriage– There’s really nothing new here; but I want to make sure we make this date night thing a habit. So, my goal is to have another date night with The Hubs (in or out) and for us to pick a day we will read our devotional book together.

Family/Health- Again, nothing new here. I do want us to continue with the family walks/hikes, though. So, my goal is one family hike/long walk once a week, weather permitting. Lily and I will be walking/running together as well.

Jen- I didn’t realize how truly lacking I have been in sleep until I started getting a healthy amount of sleep. My goal is to get 7 hours of sleep at least EVERY night. (I’ll settle for MOST, though.) My other goal is to have my lights out between 10:30 and 11:00. I’m still striving to get up before my kiddos. Here’s the deal, though. If getting enough sleep means I get up with my kids instead of before,  then for now I’m okay with that. It is still my ultimate goal.

To Read- This month our book club is reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. Other than this book, I’m trying to finish all my unfinished books. Oh boy! There is a stack of them! You can check out my stack by reading my last post here. I have four books to finish as well as my book club book. That’s a tall order for me. I’m going to give it my best shot.

Projects- My list of unfinished projects is looooooong. Here’s my top two: I started painting a “You are My Sunshine” palette sign for Lulu. I wanted to finish that as well as repaint a rolling cart I have in the kitchen. I started to repaint it, didn’t like the color and left it partially painted with the unloved color.

Finish the Unfinished. That’s my mantra for this month!

What about you? Any unfinished projects or stack of books around your house?


2 thoughts on “March Goals:: Finish The Unfinished

  1. Love this idea of blogging about your goals. You share some great ideas, but also, I’ll bet it’s a good way of keeping yourself accountable to them. 🙂


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