April Goals

I’ve been on a little blogging break. I wasn’t taking a writing break; just a posting break. Ever feel like you need time to recharge and refocus? Oh and catch up with your laundry?!? I thought so.

I’m back and excited to post on a more regular basis. First order of business is to post my goals for April. I’ve been posting my goal updates at the beginning of the month; and this is coming out more mid-month. I did, however, set these goals at the start of April. So, I’ve been working on these for a couple of weeks now.

IMG_7264 (1).jpg

Let’s do a quick recap of March’s goals. My mantra was Finish the Unfinished!

Marriage- I wanted to make sure we make this date night thing a habit. So, my goal is to have another date night with The Hubs (in or out) and for us to pick a day we will read our devotional book together.

We got our date night in by the skin of our teeth! We double dated with friends and we went to San Francisco for dinner at The House of Prime Rib. Oh. My. Word. It was delicous.

Family/Health- Lily and I will be walking/running together.

Lily and I have been “training” at  home for our weekly running club we are a part of. We are running and walking right now, trying to stretch the time we run longer and longer each time. Our end goal? Our Kids On The Run club is running  a 5K in May.

Jen- My goal is to get 7 hours of sleep at least EVERY night (I’ll settle for MOST, though.) and to have my lights out between 10:30 and 11:00. I’m still striving to get up before my kiddos.

Again, I did much better at getting my 7 hours of sleep. This “waking up before the kids” goal seems to elude me. It’s so hard to make myself go to bed early! There were a few nights I slipped into my old habits of staying up past midnight and waking by or before 7. Let me tell you, I felt awful. I started having that dizzy, lightheaded feeling I used to have all the time. My lack of sleep was really affecting me for months. I know I cannot do that anymore.

To Read- This month our book club is reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. Other than this book, I’m trying to finish all my unfinished books.

Yes, to Shanghai Girls. Yes, to 2 out of the 4  of my unfinished books.

Projects- My list of unfinished projects was soooooo long. Here’s my top two: Finish painting a “You are My Sunshine” palette sign for Lulu and to  repaint a rolling cart I have in the kitchen.

Yes, to both and here’s the photo proof.


I need to get rid of some chalk lines; but then we are ready to hang it up in Lulu’s room.


This was a boring brown with some stenciled vines on it. Now it’s my favorite color!!!

Here are my goals for April:

Marriage- Do our weekly couple’s devotional together. It’s been hard to nail down a day to do our devotional book together for a couple of reasons. I need to make it a habit and The Hub’s schedule is nutso!  I can’t help his schedule but I can do work on my end. I really need to put it in my planner so it’s at the forefront of my mind.

Family/Health- Continue to run with Lily 3x a week as part of our Kids on the Run Training.

And (take a deep breath) our family is starting the Whole30 meal challenge. You can read about what this is here if you have never heard of it.

Jen- I am truly convinced that getting my minimum of 7 hours sleep is not important but crucial for me. My next step is to slay that dragon and get up before the kids.

Practice in My Hand Lettering For Everyone book once a week. This is just a fun thing I’ve always wanted to do but never made the time to do.


Read- Winter Garden, For the Love, and one of my other unfinished books Curious Faith.

Projects-  This month it’s a family endeavor. Our goal is to install some new raised beds in our garden, to start and plant our seedlings.

Homeschool– I’m in the finally stretch, friends! I’m excited for some of the things we are going to learn and I’m also just ready to be done. Can you feel me out there, homeschool mamas?? So my goal is to FINISH STRONG! I don’t want to slack and waste these last precious weeks. (6 weeks to be exact; but I’m not counting or anything.)

That does it!! And here’s to a fabulous April!!



3 thoughts on “April Goals

  1. Jamie says:

    I’m so jealous that you and Lil are training for a 5k! I’ve wanted to do one for a while now. But I’m struggling with making myself “train.”


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