A Much Needed Pep Talk

I’m reading a book, Curious Faith, by Logan Wolfram. You can order here on Amazon; but I offered to do book review and received it in the mail a few months ago.

As I was reading, this portion popped out at me and I just parked there for a few minutes. I wanted to share it with you.

You aren’t what you do. Your profession isn’t who you are. You aren’t defined by your roles; career woman, wife, mom, sister, brother, husband, etc. Those are gifts you have, and they are purposes that you fulfill. But, they don’t define the core of your being. You aren’t the sum of your mistakes, or the messed up identity you once wore like an albatross around your neck. Your identity is simple. It’s clear. Your identity (I highlighted this part in the book.) is purely who God says you are. Beautiful, redeemed, renamed, engraved on the hands of Christ where you will never be forgotten.

Let’s just all breath a collective sigh of relief, okay? In our busyness, in our failure to see ourselves how God sees us, when we listen to the lies Satan feeds us instead of the truth Christ offers us, we have forgotten how truly precious we are to God. At least I forget.


Your failed business doesn’t define you. Your mistakes as a parent don’t define you. Your broken marriage or your marriage that is breaking doesn’t define you. Your weight or beauty doesn’t define you.

Your thriving business doesn’t define you. The success of your kids or where they go to college doesn’t define you.  Your life that is bursting with friends and your busy social calendar doesn’t define you. Your beautiful home that everyone ooh’s and aah’s over doesn’t define you.

This isn’t us.  It’s not what we do. It’s who we are at the core. And who we are at the core is who God made us to be. WE are so “beautifully ad wonderfully made” that he died on the cross for our sins so we didn’t have to. He wants, desires, yearns to have a personal relationship with each one of us.

I so often forget that who I am as  a person isn’t defined by how well my children behave, how put together I look or how others view me. I was so grateful for this reminder. And so I want to pass the reminder on to you.

Take this simple truth today where ever you are at in your life.

Hear this: God Loves You!

He loves who you are at the core. That may be battered and bruised and messy; but he loves you. All of you. All of me.

Take the lies we feed to ourselves “that we don’t measure up” and replace them with the truth “that we are more than enough because He says so.”





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