Holy Healthy Eating, Batman!!:: Our Whole30 Adventure


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One thing I don’t often blog about is food and health. Can I refresh your memory about what an awesome cook I am? (Just read here.) If you didn’t catch the sarcasm, it was there, laid thickly.

This is not a healthy food/cooking blog. Trust me. No one would read it if it was! But our family started the Whole30 eating plan just a little over two weeks ago and it has rocked our world! I can’t not not write about it. I’ve spent most of my time in the kitchen these past weeks, so this is what’s on the brain.

This post will be a brief explanation of why we started this adventure. Then, my goal is to give updates along the way.

What is it? To really get the full picture, you should visit their website here. Basically, for a month, we are cutting out all sugar, alcohol, grains (that’s right-no bread, not even the healthy kind), dairy, processed foods, or legumes. There are some other “don’ts”; but these are the basics. We can have eggs, meat, veggies, fruits and potatoes. Again, it’s a bit more detailed than this; but this is the jist.

Why are we doing this? I’ll be 100% honest. For me personally, a big reason was to lose weight. But, for the first time in my life, the other reasons are just as important as my personal weight loss. You see, in the past, it’s always been about the weight and looking better. This isn’t bad; but the focus was never on feeling better or treating my body better. The Hubs and I have had many conversations about how we have not been putting good food in our body and we have felt it. It’s time to put our big boy and big girl pants on and stop eating like we did when we were younger and could eat just about anything.

This brings me to the #1 reason why we are doing this:

We need to set good examples of healthy eating for our kids and we have not been. First, we have to learn how to eat well. We have to know how it feels to eat the good stuff and cut the bad out. We crave the bad, all of us, the sugar, the bread. The Whole30 helps to break those cravings by cutting it out for 30 days.

Reason #2: If you’ve been following me you may have read my thoughts on getting older here. I’ve got the aches and pains that go along with not having a 20 year old’s body anymore. But there are some things going on in my body that I am sure is due to my unhealthy eating. I won’t go into that in this post (TMI); but I’m tired of feeling crappy.

Reason #3: I’m tired of telling myself I can’t do things. A month of eating the exact opposite is going to be challenging for our whole family. It’s not impossible. It’s not too hard. We can do this. The fact that we are doing it together gives us a better chance of succeeding.

What comes after the Whole30 month? I’m taking it one week at a time here! My hope is that we will develop healthy eating habits that will stick with us long after our month is over. We are desiring a healthier lifestyle and relationship with food.

We are not cutting out all the Whole30 No No’s forever. We are going to bring off-limit foods back into our diet in moderation. (You better believe I will have my precious sourdough bread again!!! Now I’m thinking about bread……..) Though, we have already decided on foods we want to nix from our diet for good or cut down on greatly.

Follow me in Instagram. It’s not all posts about food so don’t worry about Whole30 overload. But I’d love for you to follow along here.

Want to see some of what we ate the first two weeks? Our sweet Lulu loved everything but the eggs. So, we didn’t make her eat those.

PicMonkey Collage



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