May Goals:: When Life Gets Wonky

IMG_8976 (1)

It’s been a little quiet around the blog and for good reason. Life can pretty much be described by the picture above. (Which was not planned, by the way. I really found H like this with his tiny voice pleading for help.) Our life has been turned upside down and it’s very WONKY right now. Why???

We very, very, very, (I could add more here; but I won’t.) unexpectedly bought a house. The house, for a lack of a better expression, just “dropped in our laps.” We were not looking; but when the opportunity presented itself, we had to act pretty fast.

This house is a bit of a miracle and I am most definitely writing a post to share more about that in the future. It is such a surprise, though, and I think I’m still in  a bit of shock.

Moving in and of itself is stressful and puts regular life on hold. And our “new” house is not actually new. It’s an older house that needs some work done before we can move in. (Let’s just say that 1968 called and wants its light fixtures back!) We have quite a list of “to-do’s” and about 5-6 weeks to complete them.

Does the picture above make more sense now?

My last 5 weeks of school were planned out perfectly. Those plans are non-existent now. We are still doing school; but I’m giving myself grace and doing what I think is absolutely necessary and letting go of everything else. (This is hard for me!!)

We are still doing the Whole30. Remember that post here? The Whole30 is NOT easy to do while you are ripping up floors, sanding down cabinets and packing china. There is no fast food or take out. We are almost done and we are staying strong, though.

My friend, Leslie, took Lil for one whole afternoon. My in-laws took H for the same afternoon. I was able to catch up with all of my laundry. I had spent so much time at the new house that my laundry was out of control. What a blessing!!! The dirty dishes and dirty laundry don’t stop because we are remodeling a house.

Life is wonky and it’s going to get crazier. My goal is share some of this adventure with my readers. But really, my goal for this month, is just to stay sane. To be okay in the midst of the chaos. To let go of the little things. To focus on how good God has been to give us this house. To ask for help. To let people help me and not to try to do it on my own. To just keep us all fed with clean clothes. Just the basics.

Okay, I gotta go peel some crazy busy floral wallpaper off the bathroom walls now.



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