Whole30:: The Recap



It’s been almost two weeks since we finished the Whole30. Can I just say…..it was a long month!!! Really. This was a challenge. It took determination and lot of saying “NO”. And I don’t regret one minute of it!

I’ll be honest, of course. I had a few “slips”; but just a few. Despite the few slips, I  felt like The Hubs and I ended strong. Lily was amazing. I made some modifications for her; but she was a rock star through this. She said no to things that weren’t Whole30 approved even when we weren’t there to monitor her. I’m super proud of her.

In Lily’s words, “I feel lighter.”

In my words, “I just feel better.”

Two things come to mind right away every time someone has asked me about how I’ve been doing on the Whole30 over this past month.

Number 1: I’m just not  hungry like I was before. It is such a weird feeling to barely snack between meals and not be hungry all the time. Before the Whole30, I grazed all day; yet I always felt hungry. I know this was due to the fact that I was eating “empty”foods, though. When I ate sweets or bread, it only filled me up for a short time and then I was hungry all over again. This past month I’ve been eating protein rich meals and it’s made such a difference.

Number 2: I did something I didn’t think I could do. I didn’t think I could go without sugar and cream in my coffee, without bread and soda. Yet, I did!  And I proved to myself that I can do hard things. I did give up the bread and soda (and many more things) for a whole month and honestly didn’t miss it all that much. I’ve never ever done that. And you know what? I feel really good.

Life got super hectic all of a sudden with our move and I wasn’t nearly as good during the second half of the month about taking pictures of our meals. Here are a few of the meals we ate over the past couple of weeks:




What did I take away from doing the Whole30? Do you have 5 hours? I’ve learned so much. But I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest Version:

1.) We were eating way too much food. All three of us lost weight and we needed to. (* H did not really participate in the Whole30. Except we excluded sugar from his diet.) It wasn’t just the kinds of foods we were eating; but also the amount of food we were inhaling.

2.) I thought my kids were eating healthy; but I was feeding them way, way too much sugar. When I had to say no to every single request for a sugary treat; I realized how much I had been saying yes.

3.) There is sugar in everything, people. Everything. It’s a conspiracy!! My eyes are wide open now to what’s going into all the processed food out there. Even the foods that “seem” to be healthy are just packed in sugar. Not to mention the added preservatives in food.

4.) Some of the stomach issues I was having and my sore knees improved so much. The pain in my knees almost disappeared completely.

5.) There were two times my kids had sugar the whole month. The second time they had sugar, I thought they had gone insane. I’m being 100% serious. The crazy mood swing behavior from both of them just minutes after eating the sugary dessert was really eye opening to me.

The challenge? Well, the challenge for me is two-fold. First, how do I incorporate many of these good habits into my life and the life of my family? We don’t plan on being a hardcore Whole30 family; but I’m encouraged to change a lot of our eating habits. How do I make this a lifelong habit?

Second, how do I make this doable for our one-income budget? We dropped some serious cash this past month and I cannot spend this much on groceries on a continual basis.

We are moving as I write this post. We’ve been packing for the past couple of weeks and renovating the fixer-upper that we are moving into. We have just a little over a week to be out of the house we are in. Our new house has no floors right now! So, we have quite a bit of work to do still. Ya, it’s a little crazy around here.

I’ve begun packing up my kitchen and I just don’t have the luxury of cooking and preparing every single meal right now. I’m giving myself a little bit of grace during this move; but I’m excited to get back to where we were before the move when this transition time is over..

So, there you have it. There’s my take on the Whole30. If you are thinking of doing it, do it. I felt so good while doing. Yes, it’s challenging but if this carb loving, pepsi princess can do it, you can, too.







One thought on “Whole30:: The Recap

  1. Jamie says:

    I’m so glad that the Whole30 made you feel as good as I felt. I’m so much more conscious of what I eat now. Somethings I don’t even buy or think about buying anymore. I still will let myself eat some things, but only if they are really worth it. Like pizza. No more frozen pizza for me. If I’m going to eat pizza it will be the good stuff (which doesn’t happen very often) I find when I have carbs with my lunch I’m super groggy all afternoon. It’s amazing how you notice those things after 30 days without them.


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