A Blogging Break and Other B Words (What the Bauers have been up to)

I could not believe it when I looked at my last post and realized I had not posted since May 24th. Yikes. Two months. Then I began to write a post. Set it aside and checked in again. It had been three months! I never intended on taking a blogging break; but life had other ideas.

If I could give you an extended title to my blog post that I feel aptly describes the last three months it would be- A Blogging Break, (moving) Boxes, Burney Falls (and other camping adventures), Birthdays and just plain Busy.

Our summer has been good, very good. But it was pretty busy. By the end of our summer, I just really wanted to stop and be home. I was starting to crave the routine of school and having to be home. With all our comings and goings and fun of summer,  blogging took a back seat and pretty much writing all together.

I can’t not write, though. It’s just not possible. I knew when I was ready my fingers would lead me back to the keyboard, my pen to journal, and I would be writing again. So here I am and I hope my small but precious followers are still reading.

So what has the Bauer Brood been up to? I won’t brain dump in one post. It would be much, much too long. But here’s a breakdown and I’ll be back with more posts soon. Promise.


We bought a house in May. Very unexpectedly. The house needed a. lot. of. work. So not only did we move, we also remodeled. We spent all of May busting our humps on that house and moved in June 1st. And yes, we are still remodeling, there are still boxes to be unpacked and almost no pictures up on the wall. It was such a blessing to even be able to buy a house. It’s worth all the work we are putting into it and it’s worth how crazy it made our summer.


Pulling up floors from the 60’s and some pretty questionable carpet.


Getting my demo on!!


Texturing and Painting- with the help of friends.


We were able to put in new laminate floors before we moved in and I love them!!


Ahh…. the chaos of moving!

Burney Falls  (and other camping adventures): Towards the end of June we went to Burney Falls with my in-laws. It was such a great week. Burney Falls is gorgeous. You could hear the falls from our tent!! We’ve visited the falls before and Andy and Lily went camping there last summer. This is the first time  we’ve camped there as a family. We will be back for sure.


The kids love their Mimi and Papa.

We hiked to the falls, visited Mt. Lassen, ate amazing camp food, played cards, and took several trips to the General Store.







Mt. Lassen had a ton of snow.



A snowball fight in shorts- of course!


And we did a lot of fishing!!!



God’s creation is breathtaking isn’t it??

We actually went camping 2 more times this summer. Andy and the kids took a 4th camping trip just the three of them and gave me a mom’s weekend alone. The Hubs earned major Husband and Daddy points for that one!

BIRTHDAYS:  H turned 5 and we went to 5 birthday parties (including H’s) in less than a week. Was everyone procreating back in September or what? Sheesh!! We called it the parade of birthdays.

I can’t believe my little guy is five. I mean, I’m in serious denial about how fast time is flying. It’s official. Our days of diapers, sippy cups, and strollers are over. We are out of those toddlers days for good. He is still my little shadow and calls me his ” very best friend”. Yes, please!! I’ll take that for as long as I possibly can.







Throw in our 16 year wedding anniversary and that was our summer. Busy; but oh so fun.


Our 24 hours in the city, traipsing around and doing whatever we wanted because #nokids and seeing Jim Gaffigan perform.

Thanks for letting me recap my summer. More posts to come and I won’t let three months pass by before I do!


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