First Day of School and How To Start Your School Year Off Right!

Spoiler Alert! Cute kid and puppy pictures ahead.

Well, we did it! We started a new school year (3 weeks ago now). Lily is starting 3rd grade and Henry will be somewhere inbetween Pre-K and Kindergarten. We call it TK. (The technical term is Transitional Kindergarten.) This is my 4th year of homeschooling.

Our summer has been fun; but I was beginning to long for a routine and structure again. Funny, we still aren’t in a very good routine; but I feel like everyone is enjoying school so far.


Her chalkboard doesn’t surprise me one bit. This girl loves animals.


Honestly, his chalkboard doesn’t surprise me either. I’m sure he’ll be a great french fry. You know us Bauers. We teach our kids to dream big and aim high!!

Our first day was very low key. Actually our whole week was. My goal was to slowly ease us back into our school schedule. They loved opening their school supply boxes, checking out their books and binders, and even Boomer finally settled down and found his spot under the kitchen table.




The goal for the second week was to get into a rhythm and figure out how our day was going to flow and how I was going to “get it all done”. I knew I needed to stay home and not get distracted by outside activities so we could get into that routine.

So The Hubs and I did what every sane and wise parent would do, on the second week of school, shortly after installing new floors and carpet………….


We got a puppy.

Because that just makes perfect sense.

What says focus and routine and normal like getting a puppy?!?

Distraction free, routine making week…. out the window.

Meet Mac. I can’t even handle the level of cuteness in this picture.

So we spent much of our week doing this….


and this……


a little of this……

IMG_9852 (1)

and  lot of this.


Oh, and we did some school, too.


We got a bit more school done the 3rd week. Mac is a very good puppy. Yes, he’s chewing on everything; but he fits in perfectly with out little family. Boomer and Mac wrestle constantly which keeps them occupied. It also means that I sweep about twice a day because of dirt and hair. But we are in puppy heaven right now and it’s totally worth it.

And yes, I carry him around like a baby. Do you blames me? He’s ridiculously cute!!!

Well, I’m off to rescue a shoe from puppy teeth and cover his furry little face in kisses.



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