September Goals


(Mac, our new puppy. 14 weeks old)

Friends, if I’m being honest, I’m so tempted to type a one-word goal for this month.


Okay, 2 words. Sleep. Read. (I’m never too tired to read.)

It’s been so busy and and everything is starting back up again. I’m feeling a little


Well, maybe a lot overwhelmed. Let’s just say I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I’ve said yes to too many things. Now I’m feeling the burn. I’m feeling stretched thin. I just want to curl up in my new sherpa blanket I snagged at Costco last week for $11.99, grab the puppy, turn on Netflix and just do nothing.

But I have the homeschooling, the dispensing of food, the keeping alive of the little people (and puppies), the cleaning of the clothes, and bunch of other things parents do. I also think the Hubs would miss me if I just dropped off the grid.

It’s tempting; but not realistic.

Mac’s life is so simple. He eats and sleeps. He gets picked up and petted and kissed repeatedly on the face. He plays with Boomer and chews his bones (and my wicker blanket basket!!). Then he goes back to sleep. He repeats this about 4 times a day and then sleeps a solid night’s sleep.

So while I can’t just shirk all my responsibilities this month, I can be realistic. I can acknowledge the business of this season (home school, soccer, swimming, Bible Study, and the list goes on) and be reasonable as to what I can accomplish. I love setting goals because it keeps me focused; but I don’t want to set my expectations so high that I feel like I’ve failed at the end of the month because so little got marked off my list.

My list is short; but realistic for me this month.

Quiet Time: With school starting back up, struggling to get up early and the new puppy, my morning quiet time with God  has been infrequent. I have gotten out of a groove. I need to get back into a groove. I really miss my time of reading my Bible in the morning. I know one way to get this time back is go to bed earlier, so I can wake up earlier.

Family: It’s really busy right now with soccer and swimming. This will only last for a season, though. I’m just shooting for one night a week where we stay home, just the four us, and have a family fun night with at least one or two game nights.

The Hubs: A date night or date day.

The House: We have been working soooo hard on our 1960’s fixer upper. While we have a lot to do still, we’ve been very blessed to get so much done in just a few short months. We are having a House Warming/ Open House soon and we are making a big push to get some projects done. So my goal is to stay focused and get those things done before our party. After that, we are taking a little break from home improvement projects.

To Read: Lately, when I start reading, I fall asleep and end up taking a 2 hour nap! My goal is to carve out a little more reading time this month. Maybe I shouldn’t do it wrapped in my super soft sherpa blanket that I bought from Costco for $11.99. I have 3 books on my nightstand right now and I want to finish them all.

Do you set goals? How do you stay focused on your goals; but not let them overwhelm you or your schedule?


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