2 Things I’ve Learned in October and 4 Things I’ve Realized

October is just about my favorite month. It’s also one of the busiest. A few deep (and not so deep) thoughts have slipped through the cracks, though. I thought I’d share those with you.

I’ve Learned:

1.) No matter how many times I swear I’m not going to let myself get too busy or overcommitted, I eventually get in over my head again. I think it’s just inevitable. Now, though, I know when I get this way that I need to take breaks where I just say “no”  for awhile, to everything. Everything. It’s how I recharge. Then I start again, re-prioritize and get back on track.

2.) No matter how much room there is, if I’m in the kitchen or sitting on the couch, every member of my house will be as close to me as possible. All five of them. The Hubs, Lily, Henry and the pups. I basically get dinner ready in a one square foot of space and I’m usually tripping over one of the dogs. I’m mom and right now I’m the center of our family universe. I get it. I love it that my family loves me. I’ll take it for as long as I can get it. But, if you find me hiding out in my room sometimes with the light off you know I just need some alone time. Hey, everyone needs their personal space.

I’ve Realized:

1.) Begrudgingly, that while I can (and do) own a white purse, a white purse cannot be my main, go-to satchel. It just can’t. And it makes me sad. My beloved purse looks so dingy; but it goes with everything. Do you see the dilemma? I could clean my purse I suppose. But, who has time to clean the outside of their purse? I barely keep my eyebrows tweezed. *sigh*

2.) I can eat tacos like 3 times a week and never get tired of it. I made tacos on Tuesday. Come Thursday, I was still eating the leftovers. You just don’t get tired of tacos. It’s the perfect meal.

3.) Some people think I’m old. Ok, maybe older is the better word. Heck, when I was in my late 20’s and 30’s I know, according to my sister who’s 10 years older than me, that I made “old age” comments unwittingly. I thought your 40’s and 50’s were old back then. Now I’m knee deep in my 40’s and I know better. But I see how others see me. It’s all good, though. In my mind I’m still young, spry, super witty and with-it. That’s all that matters.

4.) My puppies are 2 years  and 5 months old. One is a German Shepherd and one hasn’t started shedding yet. Between them and my kids, I sweep at least once a day. Every day it takes me about 15-20 minutes to sweep my house. (No carpet) Unless I want tumbleweeds of black fur wafting across my floor, I will be sweeping a minimum of 2 1/2 hours every week for the next 12 years. That’s a lot of sweeping. Between the dirt from all the feet in this house and the shedding hair ( I just had to get a German Shepherd!), this is my life now. I must accept this.

But look at those faces. It’s so worth it.



There you have it. There was nothing too terribly profound; but there are my thoughts none the less. Now I’m off to make dinner or just maybe reheat the tacos.


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