Sticky Doors:: We All Have Them


It’s been a rainy day. It’s quiet and dark in my little writing space. Just the light from my bedside lamp and the gray of late afternoon through my bedroom window.

The only way I can get away to write these days without leaving the house is shutting the door to my bedroom and having a hard and fast rule of “Don’t bother me.” That goes for everyone, even The Hubs.

Once a week. That’s all I ask.

Just one afternoon. And half the time I don’t even get that.


That’s okay, though. These are the days of being busy with my family, in a good way. Oh, and it’s never really quiet. Except for the very rare occasion that everyone is gone, there is always a low hum of background noise. Muffled through my closed door I hear the T.V., the fridge opening and closing, puppy paws pacing up and down the hallway and that sweet high pitched voice of Little H.

There is no ideal situation for me to write. If I wait for the just the right circumstances, it will never happen. So I take my glorious two hours and then panic.

What if I can’t get out all the ideas that have been bounding around in my brain all week? That great opening sentence for a blog post……what was that again? If I don’t type it out, I’ll forget it. Then it will be lost forever, somewhere in the murky depths of my mommy brain.

Today, though, my thoughts keep coming back to- my sticky doors. Yes. I said sticky doors.

We bought this house in May and moved in June. We repainted, refloored, sanded and knocked down walls. (Okay, one wall. One half wall.) We scraped ceilings and textured. We took every door off it’s hinges to paint them.

3 things happened:

1.) We forgot to take one door down completely. It’s the only brown door in our hallway with 4 other white doors.

2.) Because we were in an extreme time crunch one of the doors, didn’t get a second coat of paint. And it shows.

3.) Our bedroom door sticks, terribly. And I’m wondering if in our haste, we didn’t put the doors back in their proper door frames. Now that the weather has changed, the door has swelled and it’s even worse. It’s painfully loud each an every time we open or close it.


It wasn’t until about a month ago that we realized the hallway bathroom did not have a lock! I mean, seriously? How did we miss that? Right before we had our Open House, we had a bbq and a friend asked me to guard the door while she went to the bathroom. I was puzzled as to why she would ask me to do this. That’s when I discovered we had no lock on the knob.

This was not our first gathering of friends or family at the new place.We had had several of them. No one of ever mentioned it to us. I’m sure they all assumed that we knew.

There is still no lock on the bathroom door and now the door doesn’t latch closed at all. I discovered that this week after I’ve berated my kids about leaving the bathroom door open. Open bathroom door= puppies in the bathroom= toilet paper from the garbage can all over the floor and puppies drinking out of the toilet.

I’m sure they weren’t remembering to close the door but the dogs can simply push the door open with their noses. They know where the sweet toilet water is and they’ll do anything to get it!

This house, like everything else in life, is a work in progress.

It will never be “finished”. Can I get an AMEN homeowners?

When I wait for things to be finished (or what I think will be better) to be happy; happy I will never be.

I’m shooting for contentment in the moment, in the process, in the journey.

My house and it’s sticky doors are a reminder to me that life will always have a sticky door or two. What I don’t want to do is let my sticky doors distract me from all the other great things about our house. I don’t want to let certain circumstances in my life or hard relationships distract me or detract from the things and people that bring me joy.

So, here’s to sticky doors and a trip to Home Depot to buy a new knob for the bathroom door, with a lock!

*I actually wrote this post a couple of weeks ago and I’m so glad to report that we did put a lock on the bathroom door. The door closes shut so our toilet is no longer another water bowl for the puppies. Thank goodness!!



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