2017, What Changes Will You Bring?

It’s January 1st and the day is just about done. The lights are glowing on our tree with their perfect Christmas glow as only Christmas lights can do. The soft, yellow lights from my Christmas village remind me of how much I love this time of year.

Tomorrow, the decorations come down and the house will feel really empty.

I do love a new year, though. I love to declutter and start again. I love the hope of starting new and doing better. I like to set goals and make big plans. But, honestly, I get a little sad at the start of each new year, too. Excited and sad. It really is a mixed bag!

A new year means my kids get a little older. This is always really hard for me. It also means that I get a little OLDER. I tend to fight change. I usually like things the way they are.

Change is bound to happen, though. God has been teaching me a lot about embracing change lately.

I wasn’t even planning on doing a New Year’s post. One of my goals for this year is to write more and to write regularly. Not necessarily post more on the blog; but write more. I’ve been missing the joy of writing just to write. I’ve been wanting to write without feeling any pressure (which comes only from me) to make it a finished product.

But, today my husband posted something on face book and I knew immediately that I needed to do a New Year’s post. He wrote that New Years is always special for us because we got engaged on the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve in 1999/2000 and at midnight on New Year’s Even 2010/2011, I found out I was pregnant with Henry.




Yes, I always remember that we got engaged on New Year’s Eve; but I hadn’t realized that 2 of my biggest life changes ever happened on New Year’s Eve.

Those events forever changed my life for the good.

Change, whether wanted or not, is important. While it can be wonderful and wanted; it can also be painful and unexpected. But we all need change. Staying the same and never moving is not a recipe for a happy life.

I get really reflective at the end of a year. I like to set goals for my new year and pick a word that I can focus on for the upcoming year. My word this year is BRAVE. (I’ll post more about that in the weeks to come.) As I reflect on 2016, I can see God changing a lot in me. I’ve been afraid to embrace those changes and He’s telling me to be brave and let go. God has brought new challenges into my life that I have no control over. But He’s in control. My biggest challenge is to not worry and to place every. single. need. at His feet.

Sometimes, being brave means not doing anything. Sometimes, it’s just letting God do his work. Not fighting it, but embracing it.

What will 2017 bring? I have no idea! Whatever sort of change comes in my life and my family’s life, my hope and prayer is to embrace it.

Good- bye, 2016. Welcome, 2017.



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